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Quantum Relief Strips 14ct x10

Combo Boxes

Quantum Relief Strips 14ct x10
10 Envelopes.

14 Quantum Relief Strips in each envelope.

The human body is made up of a series of electrical impulses. Everything we do, every word we hear, every movement we make, has an electrical signal and energy associated with it. Quantum Relief Strips are a method of natural healing that works with the chi in the body to promote optimal wellness.

Quantum Relief Strips bring energy to the body where the strip is applied, and these strips balance the energy in the body and relieves negative energy. These silk strips contain no ingredients other than Quantum Energy, so there are no nasty smells or odors to deal with.

Developed by a renowned doctor in Korea, these exclusive and patented strips are to be applied to the area where Quantum Relief is wanted, they balance the energy in that area, and are effective for two days.

Once you experience it, you'll know that Quantum Relief Strips by Tavala are what you've been waiting for.

CV: 270
Use with QRS foil bags, create samples for fast growth!
CV: 270   #70014