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Quantum Relief Strips 14ct

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Quantum Relief Strips 14ct
14 Quantum Relief Strips in each envelope.

The idea of an energy-driven life force in the body, or Chi, has been around since the ancient Chinese. The basic idea is that Chi helps the body with its natural functions - things like blood flow, digestion, body heat, and your immune system. So in essence, healthy Chi equals healthy body.

There are lots of things out there that can hurt your Chi, and thus, your body - things like pain, sickness, and stress. When those inevitable things happen in our lives, Quantum Relief Strips are here to help heal your Chi.

How do they do this?

Since Chi is energy-driven, you need energy to to heal it. That’s why in our Quantum Relief Strips we use a mineral called tourmaline, one of the most energy-conductive crystals on earth. We charge these crystals with energy and they release that energy into your body when the strip is applied, replenishing your Chi in areas where the energy has been depleted.

Healthy Chi, healthy body, and happy YOU!

CV: 30
Up to 4 weeks of powerful, energy healing strips. Balance your Chi
CV: 30   #30001