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Tavala Snooze Micromist

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Tavala Snooze Micromist
Snooze Micromist is a faster, smarter, and easier alternative to fall asleep naturally with the power of Melatonin. By delivering a small amount of Melatonin to the lungs as a micro mist, the effects are felt within seconds. Snooze Micromist should only be used if it is safe to sleep.

Immediate results, no calories, no sugar make Snooze Micromist the fast, effective way to fall asleep naturally.


1. Hold the micromister with the mouthpiece at the top
2. Breathe out
3. While breathing in, actuate the micromister and hold
4. Hold your breath for 3-4 seconds, then exhale

Directions - recommended for adults 18+ years old. Take 2-3 breaths just before sleep or to get back to sleep quickly.
Immediate results, no calories. The fast, effective way to fall asleep naturally.
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